Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Monday


Monday is Monday. And isn't it ever! Drama Girl is home from school with aches and pains. Turbo and Bear are being very naughty jumping on the couch, blissfully unconcerned with time outs. The cats are hiding. The dishes are piled up from my absence this weekend and with all the focus on my mom, someone didn't get any mommy day stuff, but does get a weekend date this Saturday. Luckily, said mom bought herself a book for mommy's day :)

And rather than do the dishes, find the cats, and complain about the couch pillows being on the floor, I'm taking a coffee break...

Hubby McRed took the kids to visit his mom on mother's day which was sweet. My first comment on seeing them when I hopped in the truck and saw the two sleeping angels ,was, my, they look dirty.... seeing as they had dirt streaks over their faces, hands, arms, legs etc etc. They got to spend the entire weekend outside. LUCKY!

Well, off to the coffee pot for a refill... maybe i'll even pop a dish in the sink...


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Monday should be renamed; no one seems to like it.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was already renamed Manic Monday by Madonna.


MommasWorld said...

LOL! Manic Monday was the Bangles not Madona right? Or maybe she did a remake?

Anyways, I am glad and a bit jealous you spent Mother's day with your Mom. I sent a flowering bush and called my Mom. It was nice but not the same as spending the day with her.

Glad you are back and yes, you so deserve a coffee break and much more.