Friday, May 25, 2007

Blog's Growing up

It's just that time, you know, the time when the blog has to grow up.

From now on, my blog will contain thought out, interesting material that isn't just 'help my three year olds refuse to pee in the damned pot'.

It will reflect my wit, my intelligence, and hopefully, will generate more comments, though I LOVE the comments I get.

It will not, however, be as witty, intelligent and as well thought out as some other blogs. I don't think I have that much energy yet.

So, you may look forward to a more mature blog next week.

About some interesting and relevant topic not involving my moods, my potty training failures (unless I can make them funny) and my issues with thank you letters for job interviews.

I may even change the background...and stuff.


Anonymous said...

So does this mean you're going to talk about idiot drivers on the road now?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A grown up blog? I do like potty training failure posts as well.

Travis Erwin said...

When poeple want you to stop talking they tell you to shut up?

So what does it mean when they tell you to grow up?

Lahdeedah said...



it's too early in the week for thinking!

MommasWorld said...
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MommasWorld said...

Your blog can be whatever you want it to be. Mine is a combination of recording our daily lives & events, remembering my childhood and venting. Nothing spectacular but I enjoy it.

I have always enjoyed reading your posts. I check here daily to view your latest entry.