Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where I've Been

Yes, I've been missing in action lately.

I know I know, all five of you missed me.

I have just successfully finished another semester of my master's program. The last week was spent writing very long papers.

Also, it is now officially job hunting season. I hear we can hunt as many as we want, but we're only allowed to bag one.

I will be posting regulary again on Monday (I know you all just CAN NOT wait) but tomorrow I fly off to see my mother, who, as most of you know, is very ill with cancer. She's decided not to do chemo, so this is in a way, a good bye visit. I hope to cheer her up, and maybe, just maybe, get her thinking about her spiritual side. She's always been very religious and spiritual, but hasn't really, for some reason, been overly spiritual. She told me she just didn't think she was there yet, and I truly hope she does get there. She means the world to me, and I would like her to find some peace while she is here, rather than just waiting. We are all, her children and sisters, taking time to go and visit her in the next two months.

On that note, have a good weekend everyone. Wish my mother well, pray for her, if you're not the praying type, just take a moment to think of her. She's only 60, 61, so this is very hard.

Later all!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I can see the times ahead are going to be tough for you, and your mother. The visit will be one you#ll remember.

MommasWorld said...

I am so sorry about your Mom. I have never lost a parent or had to prepare for it so I can not imagine what you are going through. I can tell you about a similar situation with my Grandfather in the hopes it helps. He was hanging up a ceiling fan in the garage and fell off the ladder. While in the ER looking at his x-rays they found out he had cancer and was told he only had a couple of weeks left. We took the long journey to see him for the last time. This was actually the first and last time ManSon and Oldest Daughter saw him. Everyone, including my Dad wanted to make sure that no one took pictures of Grandpa as he has always been a very proud man and requested no photos. ManSon, being only 5 years old at the time, walked right up to his Great Grandpa's at home hospital bed and said "I like you. I would like to have a picture of you and I before you go. This might be the only time I get to see you so do you think we can forgo the no picture rule?" ManSon has always been ahead of his time so yes, he did talk like this when he was so little. Anyway, Grandpa said "Momma, get me one of my best dress shirts and lets give this little man his picture." Everyone in our family was so grateful. My Dad had the photo of Grandpa, ManSon, and Oldest Daughter enlarged to 11x17 and framed. I was glad our last goodbye was full of good humor and high sprits.

Woohooo! on the degree!! You should really celebrate!! I know what an accomplishment it is to take on school and you are a full time Mom on top of that! Make sure you post your resume on and I posted my resume on both sites as well as The response from Hotjobs and Careerbuilder were out of this world but not so much with Monster. I still get calls from companies who saved my resume from HotJobs and CareerBuilder. I posted my resume on those sites the end of June 2006 and found the job I really wanted in July 2006. If I can help out in any way with your resume or posting or anything let me know. Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The Curmudgeon said...

I've been through this with my parents. My mother was a little older... but not that much.

Just be with her now. Let her direct the conversation. Cry later.

Lahdeedah said...


Best advice, really, to just be with her. We didn't talk much, but what conversation we had was what she wanted to talk about. Often, I just sat with her. Throughout this entire time, she'll call me and we'll speak for five minutes and she'll want to go, then she'll call me an hour later. She wants to talk, to say so many things, but she can't. Which is fine, and I told her so.

Melanie said...

I am very to sorry to hear that you are going through this. I apologize for not being a better friend and remembering this, because, although I do remember that your mom was ill a while back, I don't remember that dreaded "C-word" ever being mentioned.
I lost my mom almost 6 years ago when she was 46, which you know, because you are a good friend and not scattered-brained like me.
It's very hard to lose a mom. To this day I still have my issues I'm trying to deal with - or not deal with for the most part.
I'm sorry, my friend. I'm thinking about you.

Pageant Mom said...

We'll be praying for your mom!

I am so lucky to have both my parents still as is my husband.
Thing is, my dad is REALLY getting up there. I don't know how I'll take it if anything ever happens esp being an only child.

Thinking of you and your family...