Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorail Day, bah humbug

What are you doing on Memorial Day.

I'm not doing anything.

Bah. It's because it's not a real holiday to me.

With Drama, Turbo and Bear, there's just no 'quick weekend getaway' to the beach.
With no job, I don't really appreciate the 'three day weekend' concept.
With school out for summer, there's no real 'holiday' aspect for Drama Girl.
With Hubby McRed off work, well, we're going to the park. The nice park, with the big tree climbing play area with slides and such, and water sprays, that I could allegedly go to EVERY DAY, but for some reason, can't be bothered (lazy moms r I).

Take today for instance. It's Saturday.

I'm dragging my kids out with me while I walk the dog for a 45-minute jaunt through the neighborhood. Drama Girl has wagon duty for when the boys crap out on me, as they will. She's not allowed to crap out on me.

This entire effort is to get the dog tired enough to pass as moderately obedient during this afternoons obedience class.

Tonight's celebratory Memorial Day Weekend Fest will involve playing with Dreamweaver.

Now I am being unfair and slightly untrue. Tonight, I'll be making those funky flower pot ice cream thingies I saw on Pioneer Woman's website because tomorrow one set of in-laws are coming over for an afternoon of playing nice. I intend to drag everyone outside, if it's nice enough, fill up the pool with water for the kids, let the dog run rampant on it's leash, and call it a festive occasion.
But we have no grill (Oven fried kebobs anyone?) no seating (blanket on the grass, quintessentially American) and our pool is the lovely spring foam type (waterside entertainment for the urbanites) and the dog will be tied to a stake (not tied to a stake as in, like, a witch tied to a stake, but tethered...).

And I guarantee, by the end of it, despite having gone nowhere and done nothing, SOMEHOW, I will manage to be exhausted (I'll have to have a lie down).

Happy Memorial Day Overrated Weekend!


Pageant Mom said...

Ugh. I have some sort of really really really painful ear problem - I'm going to take lots of tylenol and try to hang on until I can see the doctor on tueday morning.

Me too. Bah humbug.

RainyPM said...

Monday holidays are really just the day that working spouses stay home and get on our nerves. :)

Lahdeedah said...


Very true!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I've done a lot of relaxing today.