Wednesday, May 07, 2008

To stalk, or not to stalk?

In this fangly new world web order, with its new web laws, and its rewriting social mores, comes up an intriguing question:

To stalk, or not to stalk?

I'm not talking ex boyfriends and girlfriends. Duh, of COURSE we stalk them, I mean, it's better than having to fork out mucho buckos to the high school reunion just to find out if that scumbag you dated turned out to be gay after all, or married some sweet-as-pie hometown girl, or hides in his basement with assault rifles. Much safer, too.

I'm talking.... the friends. The friends you liked, had fun with, and through due course of life events, left behind, and often wonder about, but not in the way that would require any real effort.

So you get an e-mail from a long lost friend who isn't all that long lost since said friend has your actual e-mail and didn't stalk you on classmates or myspace or facebook or linked in or wahtnot, and said friend is asking about other long lost friend, and out of sheer boredom, you spend some time web-stalking (all of five minutes, I mean people, it's not that hard). So, you find this other long-lost friend. But you don't have the original e-mail. The e-mail that validates your friendship, your 'close enough to e-mail me'ness. But, you've narrowed said friend down to some cryptic screen name on MySpace and on some World of Warcraft Post.

You want to say hi.
But it seems......

'Hello Long Lost Friend. I've found you....."

I mean, what if Long Lost Friend is INTENTIONALLY lost?

Ah, what webs we weave when we practice to...weave webs... and such...

to e-mail out of blue, or not to e-mail out of blue?
to stalk, or not to stalk?


David said...

I've been pondering this a lot lately, myself.

I've had a few old friends track me down, and I was delighted to reestablish contact. With others, the contact, once reestablished, faded away again; we no longer have much in common, apparently.

In some cases, I was the one doing the tracking down, with the same results. Except for the people I thought would be delighted to hear from me, who never responded to my e-mails. Then it occurred to me that I'm very easy to find via Google, and if they had wanted to contact me, they could have done so. And they didn't.

Lahdeedah said...

I always think you should put in an escape clause.

But then it sounds corny.

HI! GREAT to have successfully stalked you. If you do not wish to be further stalked, just ignore this message...

you know?

I also did the re-establish, and then de-establish. It's like, I want to know how they all are, but then, we have nothing in common...