Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My dog is not pure Aussie Cattlehound. She's a mix. Not much of a mix, since she is mostly Aussie at heart. But I've got hopes for her. We're going to wog (jog/walk) when she's finished growing and will walk decently on a leash and pass other dogs without going nutso. I have hopes.

I also hope she'll continue getting along with the boys, but my one surprise...

Drama Girl, the original "I want a dog" voice in this house, isn't bonding well with her. I'm not sure why. I'm taking steps to fix it. For instance, Drama girl is coming with me to obedience classes. She's coming with me on the evening walks, and will have some time with the leash, and she takes her potty three times a day.

The problem is Crazy isn't much of a cuddle monkey dog. Which, frankly, is fine by me. I don't want a cuddle monkey dog. I want a walking/jogging dog that will give me a reason to continue walking/jogging. I mean, I'll exercise a dog before I exercise me, how sad is that? I want a 'hey someone's here and it's midnight' barker. I want a 'lets go explore the trailways together' pal. But not a cuddly monkey dog. She likes to lay down nearish me, maybe next to me, but only heads for the lap once in a great while. I like this.

Drama girl wants cuddle monkey dog I think. I think she isn't nearly as interested in bonding in the physical exercisey way that I am. I think she wanted something that would lay down with her and let her just cuddle, without having said cuddle monkey dog turn around and try to eat her stuffed animals.

I'm not sure if it's temporary, or if she's just not the right personality for this dog. The dog DOES enjoy her exercise and play, and Drama perhaps not so much.

The irony, being, of course, that Turbo is nuts over the dog, playing forbidden games of Tug of War (He is only four, you know) and chasing the dog around the table with the dust pan (why I don't know) and running from the dog on purpose, sticking his booty in the dog's nose so Crazy can smell it.

Bear just laughs at the dog. Helps train her. Helps Turbo trap the dog in their room for unsupervised puppy play.

Drama Girl?

Thinks of new ways to get Crazy out of her room.



MommasWorld said...

Snow White wanted a dog SO.BAD! Then we got Pup and he was just too hyper for her. Now she wont let him in her room unless it is bed time. (he eats all of her toys...all, of, them)

She loves him but only wants him when it is bed time. He sleeps at her feet and I am ok with this.

I wanted a dog for the same reasons you do. Our cats cannot alert us of an intruder...they dont make enough noise to wake me up in the middle of the night. Instead they run and hide in the drop ceiling of the basement. Yes, I have scardie cats.

Eventually Drama will come around with Crazy like Snow White has.

Pageant Mom said...

Too funny.

Giz & Boo don't get along at all (of course we didn't pick our dog, he just sort of showed up...) and being a cocker mix, he's latched on to Firstborn and pretty much doesn't want anything to do with anyone else in the house!

maybe you could get Drama a cat?

Giz and Shadow (our cat that just sort of showed up too) get along fabulous, and shadow doesn't chew anything at all and loves to cuddle... only big issue is hair...

Lahdeedah said...

Drama has a cat.

One we rarely see.

She only likes Drama!

We also have a seven year old cranky cat that is mine, or perhaps we all belong to him, the boundaries are blurred....


Lahdeedah said...

TOys! yes, Crazy looooves toys....

MommasWorld said...

This is funny! Drama has a cat. Giz has a cat. Snow White has a cat too. She is the ONLY one that the cat will allow to pick her up. (I have scars to prove it) Maybe these dogs sense that our girls are all cat lovers? Maybe the cats gave the dogs an offer they couldn't refuse? "Keep away from her. She's mine!" he.he.he!