Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yay, I have a degree

So I did it.

I completed all the requirements (re: passed insanely bizarre course with strange teacher more intent on consistency of spaces between sentences than actual content of paper) and will receive my graduate degree. A masters in management. PR concentration. I'm not sure how I should write that. I think if it's a PR job, I would say, Masters in PR and management, and for management, just, masters in management. No, I am not getting an MBA. Why? Because I'm sick of school.

What will I do with this degree?

No idea.

I view it as a tool. It's a tool I have in my toolbox, that while I don't need now, may be able to pull out and use later.

The point is I'm done.

Now, I'm going to write my book.

Which, really, I probably ought to have been doing instead all along.


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