Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I love it when friends visit

We have had a couple of friends drop their bags here now and again, passing through here to somewhere...  and this past couple of days, we got a visit from some Seattle weather and a good friend from Seattle. He left the weather on his way to Wyoming, for which we thank him, because rarely do we get rainy days out here... and a belated apology for sticking him in the 7-year-old boy room with robots on the wall, but hey, it's a full bed...

He's just been laid off along with just about everyone else at SOE (Okay, not EVERYONE) and is taking some time to figure out, really, is games where it's at? Which seems to be the question Husbear and I were faced with. We have already come up with an answer to that, but our friend seems to be still in the exploratory stages of '...maybe I can do something else...'

But while he was here, shooting the shit with Husbear, talking about cars. He spent some time working in Detroit, land of cars. We talked some more about cars, some more cars, and cars, and while all that car yakkity-yak was going on, we introduced him to some of Colorado's finest offerings and he talked about what he could do, might do, should do and wants to do.

Turns out, there just comes a point when you think, wow, there's got to be more than what i just left... there is. There's always more. It's just having the perseverance and the courage to go after the 'more' rather than settling for the 'what i just left.'

So I hope he finds his way into either a brewery, or the automotive industry, because those are, from the brief visit, two real passions of his.

I should send him to her, the brazen careerist, because if anyone is in the place to leap and start their own business, it's him.

But now he's off, exploring Wyoming, life at higher altitudes, and the rest of his life, it's time for us to hunker back down and get on with the business of getting on with our own lives.

Husbear and I are still going after 'something more than what we had' because frankly, what we had was kinda crap, and what we're going after is pretty awesome.

We just need perseverance. And possibly an ocean. That would be nice. It's a stretch, but it would be nice.

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