Saturday, May 14, 2011

The tooth fairy is not dependable

The tooth fairy has been flaky lately.

It's not her fault, really.

What with the dodgy reporting habits of boys who occasionally forget to inform the tooth fairy that they lost a tooth, or forget to put their tooth under their pillow, or worse, put their tooth under their pillow two days after losing it, and neglect to inform the tooth fairy, is it really her fault that occasionally, what with all the tooth losing in this house, that she forgets or doesn't know to replace the tooth?

And then there's the teeth that get lost! How is she supposed to use her magic to, as Turbo Boy explains, wave her wand and turn the tooth into money, if the tooth goes missing?

Why, mom, why did the tooth fairy not come?
Why did she forget?
How come she came so late in the morning? After we were all up?

These are hard questions.
And the answers even more difficult. For the boys didn't know that there were rules with the tooth fairy, that they can't just PUT a tooth under their pillow and MAGICALLY expect a magical creature to magically know it's there.
But she's magic?
Well yes, but there's soooooo many kids losing teeth this time of year.....
(Yes, it sounds weak even to me, but I was desperate)

See, it's not so much me or the tooth fairy. It's the boys. When they first started losing teeth, they thought it was so cool, they didn't want to give the teeth to the tooth fairy. Now, they think money is cool. But I missed the memo on 'what's cool' -- money and 'what's not' -- collections of baby teeth.

But in the end, now that the boys understand the magical rules of the magical tooth fairy, she rarely misses a tooth.

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Bobby Schaeffer said...

Hmm... Seems like they're pretty hyped whenever they lose a tooth. Does this motivate them to take care of their teeth, too? Anyway, there are times when kids would forget to remind the tooth fairy or simply make a note about their tooth. Just tell them that the tooth fairy can't know if they've lost a tooth without the evidence. =)