Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 5 Couch to 5K!!

Okay, it's really coming along.

Today, even though it was cold and rainy and I have to run by my neighbor's house on my route, and I know she's home, and fully stocked up on chai tea, and all I ever have to do is knock and look pathetically deprived of a good cup of tea, which is easy for me, I didn't.

I ran through the cold misty rain and completed Week 5, Day 1.

The most motivating part of the run was the older woman with pure white hair that sprinted past me with these huge, gazelle-like steps with no noticeable breathing issues while I was hunched up in a ball running and gasping slightly for some air.

I saw her and did that thing where you pretend you're not really about to fall over into the grass and roll into the creek because you have no stamina, and I stretched up real tall, well, for as tall as I could manage, held my breath, and took five long(ish) gazelle-like strides until she was past me.  I figure, if I keep this up, then in 10 years or so, I'll be able to run with gazelle-like strides, too!

The best part is now that I have the stamina to do this, ie., I can walk after I complete the run, I am now eating healthier too. Especially breakfast and lunch.

Lunch I love though, because I just walk on over to my garden, pick some spinach leaves, turnip greens and radishes, and make myself a nice salad topped with an egg. I am a huge fan of eggs lately. Easy protein. My current dream is to have my own urban chicken coop.

Yes. I said turnip greens.
I was meh on them, but check out their nutritional value!

Later this week, I'll have some awesome pics of my garden. To be honest, I haven't been posting pictures because I lost the do-hickey that lets me upload pictures directly from the camera. Sad, I know. But I found it!

So the garden pics are coming!  It's doing really well! The beans, alas, are not doing well. Nor the cucumbers. But everything else! Turnips! Spinach! Radishes! Lettuce! Swiss Chard! Peas! Cilantro! It's crazy good happy spring garden!

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