Monday, May 09, 2011

Just some thoughts

So I've been doing this couch to 5K thing. I think it's part of my personality make up. If things seem out of my control, I take stock of things I can control, and then focus a lot of energy on doing that. Oh, and I really want to lose some buh-ooty.

Week 3, Day 1 of this program just about kicked my butt, but I'm glad I did it today instead of postponing it until tomorrow.

My waist is already down a couple of inches, and I can do the full program without cheating! It reminds me how much I enjoy jogging and being physical. Who knows, after this, maybe I'll spring out some kart-wheels...

But it also helps me clear my head, and move forward with other projects and plans that have been put on the back-burner, for far too long. Running, exercising, just being physical has a strong effect on my thinking. Now, I can't fathom missing a run. I have to have my 40 minutes of running and walking! I have to have my outdoor time. If I don't, I get grumpy and restless. If I do it, I am clearer, focused, more set and determined on whatever path I'm following. What became a goal to keep me focused during this unfocused time, is now a necessity.

I'd really like to dictate the time, circumstances and place of my next place of work, but since I can not do that, I can do what I can do, and when I've done that, live my life.

So to that end, I'm practicing agent cover letters for my first unpublished novel. Mostly it's to go through the exercise, but also, because if anyone is a bad judge of their work, surely it's the writer who wrote it! But while I do that, I'll continue on my second novel, of which already has a beginning, middle and an end, it's just not written ;).

I don't know my future, I can't pick up a crystal ball and visualize it in it's entirety, but I do know that I'm headed in the right direction finally, and not just me, but Husbear as well. What we're doing, it's changing our future by making hard decisions now. By refusing to do the easy, well-trodden path. It's scary, it's exhilarating, it's nerve-wracking, it's hard. But the struggles of today pave the success of tomorrow.

So here's to tomorrow!

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