Sunday, November 19, 2006

A more somber note

Life is transient. We often forget this is just a short journey. If birth is the begininng, and death is the end, what then? What do we find at the end of roads in life? Do they merge into other roads? Is there a place we end up at, like a child, 'are we there yet?' and then after death, do we get up and say 'am I there yet?'

Like so many other bloggers, I've been following this blog. He lost his beloved young wife of ten years, and mother to two children, after she was admitted to the hospital with what they thought was a bad case of the flu, but turned into a severe infection.

It's a reminder to listen to those who preach that jobs, cars, homes, clothes, toys, things, credit ratings can be bought, replaced, fixed, recovered, but people, and their lives, are precious, and oftentimes, dwelling on jobs, cars, homes, clothes, toys, we forget the people that do matter most in our lives.

Most importantly, it's a man sharing the most profound grief, and a lot of pain, with a world of strangers, a journal that consistently pays tribute to his wife while dealing with the day-to-day, one-thing-at-a-time, world that won't stop turning, won't wait, for him. As he said, tomorrow still comes. Today is Sunday, tomorrow will be Monday, then it will be Tuesday, and it goes on.

So my thoughts are with him, and though they may not be much, maybe thoughts do count for something.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A very thoughtful post; it makes one think of all around us.

Melanie said...

You should have blocked that site from your pregnant friend. I can't handle anything even remotely sad right now, and reading this man's postings have made me a whimpering, sobbing mess of a woman.

Pageant Mom said...

I shall read the blog when I have some more time. I nearly lost my husband a few years ago, we were lucky. But it ABSOLUTELY re-set our relative perspective to what's really, and truly important in life.