Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pack -n- Purge Week

Hubby and I could start our own relocation business.
We got some maybe good news. His new company is trying to get him a corporate move rate... sweet.

This is "Move to Colorado" Stage One.

This week is pack -n- purge. We packed-n-purged the hall closet. Do you know how many shoes you will never wear again lurk there, along with the one-half of a pair of gloves, too-small winter hats and the Thomas the Tank water shoe your train-obsessed son has been looking for for three days and has now worn consecutively for four? (Blame his brother who stole the first pair and taunted him with it).

I purged the Master Bedroom closet (look, lets face it, I'm never going to be a size 8 in the next three years, see, I'm not saying never ever, I'm saying never for a while) and by then my size 8s will not be in style anymore. I'm also never going to wear that blue and white striped throwback to the 80's shirt. Gone. Gone. Gone.

We've purged our books.

We've purged toys.

We're purging Drama's room one day while she's in school. (Yes, good parents with compassion involve their tween in the process, but we're evil bad parents who don't want to deal with the emotional drama involved in throwing away a torn, half-the-pages-missing book and several headless barbie bodies along with creative artwork involving old clothing tags and cardboard...I occasionally think the original packrat has been reincarnated in my daughter) We purged hubby's GASP Dungeons and Dragons Memorabilia OH HORRORS yes. We are going to try to sell and then toss what we don't. Anyone want some D&D boxes sets cheap? How about some first, second and third edition D&D books? Will ship.... GASP HOW COULD YOU WOMAN? Yep. It's that time, time to let the past, which easily weighs 300 pounds and would rack up our moving bill, go.

We're also (Hubby) purging three computers. Yes, we have a total of eight computers in this house. Two laptops for mom and dad, one desk pc for me, two for Hubby (Seriously, I know. Do you think I bought all this electronic crap? I mean, 8? And he needs two on his desk and a laptop? You so don't have to tell me. And all this AFTER he told me he was done building computers.) and one for Drama. We were going to do two for the boys, but have decided they can wait on their own personal computers and share with sissy for a while. NewEgg will be getting a shipment from us soon.

I'm trying to get our books down to two boxes... AHHH HA HA ha ha ha

After this week, it's home improvement time. Now, while I"m doing most of the pack -n- purge, have no fear, for home improvement is all about the Hubby. Go McRed, Go. Do that floor. Get that carpet. Muahahah.


Anonymous said...

I like to consider moves as my spring cleaning. Best time to get rid of stuff I no longer want/need. Now that you're getting rid of your D&D stuff, I don't feel so bad about getting rid of mine on my last move.

As for the two desk top computers, how else do you expect to bring along your "buff bot"? Besides, you can multitask (yes, contrary to popular belief, men CAN multitask...we just pretend we can't) while playing a MMORPG to surf the web to find useful cheats...I mean info.

Have fun moving. :-D


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Eight computers? That must be more than the IBM Headquarters.

Pageant Mom said...

You know, stuff breeds when you aren't looking!!!

Colorado? I am soooo jealous! It is GORGEOUS!!

Although I live in the south, I believe in a former life, I was an Eskimo!

Good Luck on your move.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

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Lahdeedah said...

WOOT a party!