Sunday, March 25, 2007

blind dilemma


So ignore the midnight anxiety attack about blinds. It's a stress thing.

I'm just going to call tomorrow afternoon and enquire as to the time frame. I know it takes a while to get blinds, so I put up those temporary pleated blinds, and we got curtains for our bedroom, so I'm happy. I'll be getting my daughter her curtains later this week (easy easy since she's doing fairies and a blue room) and the boys will have to be ordered online. (Why can't builders install regular-sized windows, not windows that are 3/4 of a size different?)

Let me just say, I took a bath in my deep soaking tub, and it was bliss. I'm now content.

Still unpacking (ugh) and trying to get rid of the boxes and paper (may resort to slipping items into the builder's dumpster next door ha ha ha) but I'm mostly done.

I found the perfect place to get our kitchen table and 'club chair' because we are doing Scandinavian style inspired room furnishings. By room furnishings, I mean the kitchen table and club chair, we're not refurnishing the whole house, tempting as some of those couches were. You don't come out of a financial recovery with a furniture shopping spree!

The boys got new toddler sleigh beds, courtesy Walmart, $50 a pop. Drama is getting a loft bed next month after cutting her a deal that basically resulted in her getting to get a loft bed if she'd wait a month.

So far, all is well, and we are settling. I will feel settled as soon as paint is on the walls. I despise builder white. I'm allergic to it!

how's everyone else?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Unpacking must be highly stressful!

Pageant Mom said...

I'd rather open a vein than move. Although it is a great excuse to clean out...

Lahdeedah said...

I think this is our last move for about a decade. Shoot, I didn't like where I lived last, and I STILL didn't want to move. It's such a pain!

It's better here, though, I definitely think Washington is slightly overrated -- where I was -- I do believe there are really cool parts of Washington State, I just think Seattle and it's surrounding area may be overrated.

Now, Oregon, however, I love. I could happily have moved there, too. But Colorado will have to do ha ha ha ha.