Friday, March 02, 2007


Hubby McRed always thinks we are too slow. We are never ready on time, we are never truly prepared, we are never accomodating. (We, being his wife and three children) We slow progress down. We go out of our way to manipulate the universe into going slower. If we were in charge of evolution, we'd barely be out of the marshes.

So, we were going to move today, but now, must wait until tomorrow to make the drive.

Why? What happened? What is the hold up?


Hubby McRed's 16-year old Nissan, 300z twin turbo, can't make the drive to Colorado and has to be specially treated to a $1500 (YES I KNOW) carrier service, of which, when given a four day window to pick up the car, called yesterday to say it'd be picked up today, then called this morning to say 'at 7 p.m.' then called again at 7 p.m. to say 'midnight.'


Why are we still here?

Not because of Mom, or the kids, or the cats, (of which only one belongs to me actually) but because of his car.

I refuse to let him even think grumpy thoughts about me, because we were ready to go at 6!

So that is irony. However, Hubby McRed is in too foul a mood for me to express that ironic sentiment. I'll give him a month or three before pointing it out....


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I should make it longer than a month. Try in a year.

Anonymous said...

You want me to point it out to him for you? I can get away with it too.


MommasWorld said...

Ha, ha, ha. Well, at least it wasn't you preventing the move. Smart move to wait until later to point out it was his "toy" that held you up.