Tuesday, March 06, 2007


We're here.

We got here after a straight 20-hour drive (literally, and no, you should never do it yourself) sometime Sunday afternoon. Monday I had to meet the movers at the storage unit. Today I had to run around and find a way to open a bank account that would actually let me get my money out, and now, I'm here to say HI I"M HERE, and catch up on homework, and hopefully, sometime this week, sleep.


I will be visiting all my fave blogs this week! I've MISSED them lol. Hope everyone is having fun!


Anonymous said...

So how's your box? Glad you made it safe and sound...just in time for some more snow.


David said...

There's pleasant weather on tap for you, this week and next.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

20 hours is a long journey! Enjoy Colorado!

Pageant Mom said...

Wow!! 20 hours??? I would've been ready to kick babies and eat nails by the time I got to my destination!!!

Glad you landed okay!!! (and I'm STILL jealous you get to live in Colorado!!)

Lahdeedah said...

So I know why now. I mean, on my right, i have mountains. On my left just nice plains views. It's just gorgeous. Today was 60. Yes, and sunny, I coudln't believe it. I felt like, wow, is this spring? It's gorgeous!

David said...

Spring tends to be short here. This may or not be it. We could get a snowstorm in a couple of weeks. Or the temperatures could start really shooting up then.

On the bright side, because of all the snow this winter, this spring and early summer should be greener than usual.

MommasWorld said...

Yeah!! You made it to Colorado!! I have missed ya even though I haven't posted in awhile. I think the only time I have sat still for more than 5 minutes was spent sleeping.