Saturday, March 10, 2007

Got Da Money


We finally got our money. Turns out they didn't bother funding the other day. Sheesh.

But all is well now.

Except I have to visit the Dread Laws, and that is another blog all unto itself.

I may start a Dread Law blog, depending on how things go.

If you think I exaggerate, and it's just a case of in-law fussiness, you haven't met them or heard the stories. I won't even START the stories now, because it's an entire blog unto itself. Trust me when I say, Dread Law is correct. Darth Law works as well, too. I'm assured things are going to be different, and they aren't going to 'start' but as far as I know, Hell is still pretty freakin' hot...

On the CUTE side of things, Little Miss Drama gave Grandma a BIIIIIIG hug and said she LOVED her, truly sincerely. I mean it was a bear hug. It was cute. Grandpa Bob (her husband, who is just grandpa because what are we going to call him? step grandpa? His name would be inappropriate... anyhow who cares they've been married 15 years) thought it was just so adorable. Turbo and Bear finally warmed up to them all and Turbo fell asleep on Grandma's lap. Cute, considering he spends most of his time telling her 'no, just mommy.'

They've made us feel really welcome here, and this may be a flaw. You see, they did the basement for us, for our visit at Christmas, which was never to be. So then they gave it to my husband for two months while he was working in Colorado and I was back in Wash. Now we are all here, in their souped up basement. I mean, it's got the good carpeting, tile bathroom with hot hot shower, a big comfy bed, cable television, desk with internet, it's decorated to the hilt, I mean, you know, if you only want guests to stay a few days, this isn't the setup that says 'leave in three days'.... ha ha ha.

We're only here til Thursday. It's a longer than normal visit. I've been TRYING to not make a huge footprint but I have three kids, it's hard. So I do dishes and clean up counters and messes and pick up toys and shoes ugh. I don't mind doing it becasue it's not my house but wow it is nice to just leave stuff around every now and again ;) (but really rude when you're at grandma's and it's all soooo nice and pretty... apparently Hubby McRed got his decorating genes from his mom)

So so far all is well on this end.



Pageant Mom said...

Glad everyone is landing safely!!! Good luck staying with the in-laws...

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a basement apartment for rent...are they willing to rent it out? :-D

Btw...that reminds me of when Drama ran up to me and gave me a hug when we were in a store in England. Remember that? Think we also had a large pizza afterwards...well, small if you were in the states.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's good to know things are working out.

MommasWorld said...

YEAH!! They really rolled out the red carpet for you!! I think it is fantastic they set up the basement as nice as they did for your visit. My parents love me to bits but their basement wasn't even finished when they invited us up to stay the weekend. Of course Snow White's very own room was done up to the hilt. I slept in an unfinished basement with NO WALLS ha, ha, ha! The large Jacuzzi tub in the downstairs basement made up for that though. {color me happy!}

I know how it feels to have in-laws with a past reputation. My sister-in-law and I never got along. She hated me with a passion. She told her girls it was ok to pick up Baby Snow White but only when I wasn't looking. When I did look it was also ok by her if they dropped her!! Her girls were terrors! My older two would RUN and HIDE when they saw them coming over! If we bumped into each other at the store for a brief 5 minutes she would be full of snide remarks. Why put up with it? She is married to my brother whom I love!

This year Christmas was at my house and she was totally FUN to be around!! A real joy in the best sense of the word! I never in a million years thought she or the girls would change but WOW! I hope the same thing works out for you!