Friday, March 23, 2007

Blinds blinds blinds

Why is it so hard to get blinds?

I'm still waiting for the home depot to call and set up a time for the measurements.

Actually, at this point, I pretty much decided tomorrow I'm probably going to go back and cancel the order, and use budget blinds. See, I have to wait for the home depot to take measurements before the blinds can even be ordered. Which takes two weeks. It's already been three days and I haven't even received a phone call to schedule a time just to take measurements. Which means that the person won't even be out til sometime late next week. Then, the blinds ordered after that.... The most annoying thing is how annoyed I am with it. I can't even sleep because I'm annoyed they never even bothered to call to set up an appointment. I'm also bothered that it's just going to take so long. I was willing to wait say, two weeks from today. But not two weeks from next Wednesday.... argh.

I"m kind of annoyed because I liked the blinds I picked out, but I don't want to wait three more weeks with wide open windows on the lower level (we're doing our own window treatments upstairs) so... I think I have to ix nay home depot. Should I wait or not wait? I'm definitely going to call home depot, but sheesh, why is it so hard to be professionally timely?

Anyone work with budget blinds?

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

That they have to make and measure them takes time. One would think they were like a the peg.