Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hi, from the Dog


My name is Crazy. I'm a dog. I'm an aussie-cattlehound-mutt-mix that drives my new mom absolutely freakin crazy, so that's her nickname for me on the blog. She won't use my real name, because I told her not to.

I live for it.

I'm writing this blog for her because she's super angsty right now. Something about two last papers that she just is dying over and the other girl here, the one she calls Drama, is doing a project on Giant Pandas that she knew about for a month that's due tomorrow that she started tonight...

Drama loves me, but those others, Turbo and Bear, they don't seem to enjoy being chased much, don't know why, and why do they have to be so grumpy, I'm just trying to give them good morning hugs, they are my faves because they have so many tasty crumbs around them!

Mom is really mad at me because I pooped in front of her door and at six months, I should really be over it. I did stand there, for like EVER, how is it my fault she didn't see me? And how is it my fault that she JUST took me out and I didn't do anything? There was the scent of bird on the wind, I got distracted!

So just saying hi. She'll be back soon, she just needs to get through the weekend mainly, and next Monday and Tuesday and she'll be done.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good of you to fill in for her, Crazy.

David said...

Hi, crazy! Jump up on her computer keyboard and do your business there. Moms love that. She'll laugh and laugh!