Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summer List -- Things I will do this summer.

A List of Things to Do this Summer

This summer's To Do List: Keeping it short and simple, cuz it's SUMMER people.
What is YOUR summer to do list?

1. Read insanely long classics.
2. Learn how to do a website.
3. Learn how to use new fangled camera which allegedly will be my graduation present.
4. Get Bear to go in water.
5. Get Turbo to go underwater.
6. Learn to swim, take three.
6. Help Drama learn multiplication table by heart (she's like, going to middle school... ack)
7. Lose Ten Pounds.
8. Overcome fear of grilling.
9. Paint two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.
10. Raise beautiful container tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.
11. Explore the green way walking trails (some of us have 'walking down walking trail' issues)
12. Find cooler music to listen to.
13. Give up Diet Coke, take 323.
14. Figure out how to program cell phone.
15. Keep house clean enough to enjoy summer.

Things I will NOT do this summer:

1. Kill basil plant.
2. Give up on Crazy.
3. Gain 10 pounds.
4. Let Kooky, the loony neighbor, get on my nerves.
5. Drink more than one frappacino a week. (We all have issues).

So that's it.

My Wednesday What I'll Do This Summer list, for people who like lists.
In the fall, we'll repost to this post, and see what I did, or did not do.

Tah! I have non-school things to do!


David said...

Web sites are much easier than a lot of people think they are.

You can learn all the HTML you need on your own computer, without even having an actual Web site on a server.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck on all that. We expect updates.

3rd blogaversary post now up

RainyPM said...

At least I'm not addicted to caffeine! I think you should add "break caffeine dependency" to your list. Also, "get cute haircut." Then you can check that one off tomorrow.

Lahdeedah said...

Cute haircut, Check.

I just bought a 12 pack of carbonated water. I'm so addicted to bubbles and fizz.....

I only resort to Starbucks now when I'm desperate lol.

Lahdeedah said...


Yes, so I'm told.

I know some basic commands. Hopefully once I'm doing it I'll agree with you :).

Pageant Mom said...

Good Luck!!!

I can only tackle what I will do in the next 3 days lists!

Being ADHD and all, I'd just end up running screaming if I had to face THAT list in reality!!!

I can't wait to see the results...