Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things to do

I have things to do today,.

And no one to chatter to about it.
So here it is...

Followed by a LIST for More Gravy, who is addicted to lists.

Errands, if you will.

Post office, to sell back the last school text books I will ever ever in my life ever need to buy for myself -- While at said post office will mail 'hard copy' binder of last project to last instructor I will ever have to deal with in my life, (for school) thereby officially ending the last bit of school work I'll ever have to do for the rest of my life. This is the final bit before the official 'graduating' bit.

Great Clips, because buddies need hair cuts.

Bank, to deposit the IRS refund check that accidentally didn't get directly deposited due to a minor error oopsie daisy me.

Grocery, because I ran out of half and half for coffee and paper towels for picking up dog poop in the house, thank you Crazy, thank you very much.

Library, because I really need new books to read, to replace the other ten library books I didn't read.

Pet store, because someone is out of canned food.

Target, because Hubby McRed needs new shirts, and he, unlike me, can wear Target clothing.

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