Thursday, April 03, 2008

How to Do a Will

This is what I need to know.

I have found out that for the state of Colorado, with my main goal of a will being to name a guardian that all I need is the right forms, and I can do it myself.

But which forms?

Do I just get Quicken's willmaker?

Do I order the brochure of will making from the site the Colorado Bar Association recommends?

And, what happens, in the strange circumstance that I get hit by a meteor, but not beloved Hubby McRed, but then, in a bizarre twist of cosmic humor, two years later, he gets hit by a meteor, but he didn't bother doing a will, do the children go to the guardian I appointed, or, is my will void and they go somewhere else the court appoints wily nily? Not that courts appoint things wily nily, never.


I intend to either spend the $100 to 'make a will' at the local community center or to use software, but, I just need aaahhh.... suggestions.


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RainyPM said...

It's pretty important that you have McRed do a will too. I am pretty sure that if you died and then he did a few years later without a will, your wishes would not apply. They could use them to make a case, but I strongly suspect they wouldn't be legally binding.

I had wills done up for Mike and I and they are really very simple. They are almost mirror images of each other and say that if one of us dies, then the other gets all the money. If we both die then the kids get all the money and go to one of my siblings. If we all die my mom gets everything. Then we named someone to be in charge of our money if we're dead and the kids are still minors and we had to name someone local to be the will's executor.