Friday, April 11, 2008

Paper paper on the wall

That made no sense.
But it doesn't have to.

My friend at More Gravy sent me a clever link to webs created by spiders on different substances. Note the one on caffeine.

That is mine.

Apparently, I can do great outlines, but details, due to the amount of caffeine I imbibe, are out of the question.

This may explain the problems I'm having with my paper, so I may dutifully inform my professor that I am incapable of providing more detail due to my caffeine affliction.

I say affliction, rather than addiction, because I'm not addicted to caffeine, merely afflicted by the absolute need for caffeine based on my present circumstance: the last month of school forever if I can manage to not blow this last class.

Why, you wonder, have I chosen to educate my loyal following of more than five but less than 20, on the performance of drugged spiders?

Why, because I'm Precrastinating!

Although, 20 out of 25 pages of this paper are now done, so there has been SOME work going on. The sad truth about procrastinators and precrastinators both is that, yes, at the end of the crastination phase, one must actually get the work done....

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