Sunday, January 22, 2006

8 pages

Eight pages is my goal today.

I'm just starting out with a blog entry until my sons get tired of playing and fall asleep. It IS their nap time, after all. I can't write with the little gleeful cheers and angry howls that occurs when they play in their room. Playing quietly doesn't happen much with them.

I could turn on the game, NFC championship, but then I won't write. Besides, the boy's won't nap long enough for me to write any more than 8 pages. I can finish the game when I'm done. I'm hoping it's going to be the Seahawks that win it, but as for the AFC championship, I'm not sure. I like the Steelers, I think they are a gritty team, but I also like Denver. Not only that, my sons have cute little Bronco hats and shirts courtesy of their grandparents, who I don't even know really care about football, I think they just wanted them to have baseball caps, BUT now the boys have Denver in their heads. The orange and blue colors will be ingrained as one of their earliest memories. They will probably be Broncos fans because of the hats. We shall see.

Time to place them back in their beds. And write. Weee me.

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