Monday, January 02, 2006

To the Gym, goeth I

It's the New Year. I can count how many times I've started exercise programs in January. Along with an actual resolution aimed at getting up two hours earlier. I am convinced this year I can do it. The exercise isn't really a problem. I like exercising. And this place has a daycare, eliminating the primary reason I haven't exercised.

This time, I'm not going to make the mistake I made last time. I spent so much time on weights, that I bulked up to a nice muscular, but chubby looking, pudgy chipmunk. I think I need to avoid to many weights. Some people can bulk up. Some people get lean. Me? I got thuggish chumpy. I was a bit disappointed. I don't know what happened. Was it the weights? The bicycle? Eating the apples and grapes right after? I will have to watch myself this time. Thuggish Chump is not a look I want to sport again.

I didn't do any resolutions this year aside from getting up two hours earlier. What's the point? The goals I have today are the same ones I had last month, including the getting up two hours earlier goal. I turned that into a resolution to give myself an extra month of not getting up two hours earlier.

I am looking forward to this year, though. There are things about it that make me think it will be a good year. Last year was just too turbulent, too many changes in too short a time, and it was just not possible to really enjoy much of it. Even our holidays were scattered and hectic. So here's to a nice, calm, stable, New Year.

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