Thursday, January 19, 2006

Head Ploding

My head is ploding, whether it's imploding or exploding, I can't be sure. I don't have the luxury of just crawling into bead until this bout of sinus-plosion passes. I know I know most people don't, but to those who do, grrr you. My nose is runny, but not just runny, the kind of runny that stings in the sinus passages. I also have no allergy medicine in the house. Not that it ever does much. I used to pop sudafed like red hots. One after the other. Only red hots did more. Now I pop a clariton with my multivitamin, to much the same effect. It's only quarter til nine and I'm hitting the sack, in my nice, hubby I love you but don't touch me, flannels. Last night I dreamt I survived a russian winter, around the russian yuletide, but the entire journey I was parched. Surrounded by snow, and I couldn't get enough water... dry.... cuz duh, I woke up, dry throat, and I chugged water.

I am going to my gym tomorrow. I am trying to find a way to blame the gym for my sudden cold/allergy/both problem, but really, I should look no further than my feverish son and the weather. Oh his fever passed. It was one of those freak, lasts a day til he works it out, fevers. Now he's just got a leaky nose and is a bit clingy.

I am so tired, I almost fell asleep on the laptop. I'm suffering guilt from not working on chapter nine. My goal was to write every day, at least three pages. I am failing this week.

Alright, time to go steal my pillow back from the bed hog. W. goes on and on about his king sized bed. I say, for the sake of familiarity and cozy cuddleness, we are just fine with a big queen, but on nights like this, I could use a whole king, to myself. Hey, I mean, our couch is perfectly comfortable....

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