Monday, January 16, 2006


I wrote a chapter tonight. It feels good, to write full chapters. My biggest annoyance is that school starts the end of this month, and I already have so much that gets in the way that I just don't know how school will play out. Ususally, school helps me write, simply because while my mind is plowing away with case studies and essays and discussions, another part is writing, and when I'm done my class, still sitting at the computer, I start writing. Or, when I'm supposed to be doing class, and don't feel like it, I start writing. Other times, it helps just because of the deadline factor. It organizes my day. Usually what happens is I end up staying up way too late and being tired the next day because I do both class work and writing. As it so happens, I no longer am burdened with having to look presentable in the mornings, and can occasionally take an afternoon nap, so maybe this time around, it will be better. The last time I pulled this stunt, I was in the military, going to class at night, and writing short stories for one of my classes as well as my own benefit. That C in biology I got was more exhaustion than lack of comprehension. I mean, when one half your grade is based on the research paper you started writing at 11 p.m. the night before its due date, that was based purely on a book you hadn't read that talked more about evolution in society than actual biology, a C is pretty good.

Now, I am learning how to write while successfully ignoring my toddling toddlers as they toddle about my room, pulling books off my bookshelf and trying to run off with my mouse. My hope is that they will eventually get bored with the nice little toy with the shiny red light that mommy moves around on the cool flimsy pad thing, or trying to scurry into mommy's lap while she plays with all those nice clicky buttons, or discovering the secret treasure chest that is mommy's jewelry box, ooh the shinies... and so on and so forth. We must, however, thank one of the toddling geniuses, for finding the 'favorite's key' button, which mommy never actually knew existed. Now, with one key, I can open up an entire folder, rather than go through the whole 'click five times cuz you're too lazy to make a shortcut' routine to get to my work.

Go me.

A Haiku

Three ducks on a pond
Along came our cat Coco
And then there were none

This is like a haiku I wrote in 7th grade. I think it's almost exact. I got an A on it. I only bring it up because my mother, for years, accused me of plagiarism. She was helping me write haikus, you see, and was having fun. Between the two of us, we wrote a bunch. She said that this one was hers. I said it was mine. She loved ducks, and our cat Coco. I could care less about ducks. The slight humor is more her style. She may be right, I may, at the age of 12, have stolen her poem, and the A may rightfully be hers. Luckily, she doesn't read my blog. I'd never hear the end of it. Come to think of it, I haven't. For years, she's reminded me of my grand poetry theft.

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