Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Kid Monday

Today, I took the boys to the neighborhood park that has a heated kiddie pool. We walked, because I think it's silly to drive three blocks.

It's really cool, only 3'8" deep, has a waterfall rock, a cute slide, and little mini-geysers. The boys went nuts. They had a blast. I paid way too much money, frankly, but I'll probably go again since Turbo was so happy he clenched his fists and started shaking. He does that when powerful joy and glee strikes him, it's hilarious. Bear was a bit more hesitant. He didn't go in the creek/river like Turbo did, so was a bit slower. Once they were in though, boy, were they in. They kept running up to me to tell me how much they loved the pool. Repeatedly. As if they've never seen water before...

I am so excited they finally go in the water now, that I'm going to hit Target this weekend and hope they aren't all out of floatie tube thingies.

We only stayed for an hour, because Turbo started falling and swallowing water every two seconds. I hated to ruin his fun, but when kids get to this point, it's really best to remove them from the water. You know how it is, too tired to stay, too happy to leave... they got up early this morning so that may have been part of it. Next time I'll let them stay longer. This Friday I'm planning to take them to the lake again. They can build more mud tunnels.

They were so good at the pool and I was in such a weirdly relaxed, good mood I took them to McDonalds *I had a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo and a yogurt and it STILL managed to be almost half my day's portions!*
Then I brought them home thinking they would crash. HA HA HA HA. No. Ah well. I sent them upstairs to play for an hour so I could have mommy time. I've started reading the local newspaper. I feel old fashioned, not getting my news online...

Drama Girl enjoyed it, but we're having a bit of a hard summer with her. It's not too bad, because she's ten, but because school is out, she's not in any summer activities and we moved here in April, she doesn't have a ton of local friends to hang with. I don't actually recall having anyone to hang out with in summer until high school, but I was hoping her experience would be better... well, next summer she'll have a camp or something, so she won't be bored, only one more month to go... and as long as I give her crafts and take her to the water, I think we'll be okay.

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MommasWorld said...

The pool sounds fantastic! We have one like that here but not enough time on the weekends to fully enjoy the $350 summer membership (no day passes). Consider yourself very lucky to have both a pool and a lake! :-)

Not sure if I am mixing you up with someone else but maybe a youth group at a local church might have activities for Drama. Churches have summer activities and she might meet some of the girls who will be in her school when it starts. Always nice to have at least one person you know when you start a new school.