Sunday, July 01, 2007

Yoga for Kids

First night of yoga for kids a success.

Drama girl was grumpy because she can't do yoga since her room isn't clean, and she's also going to do the adult yoga, she's old enough.

Turbo doesn't just jump into new things, so he sat and watched me and Bear and the show, and occasionally did a pose or two.

Bear loved it, so Bear and I were trees, butterflies, volcanoes, dogs, and other things. He liked being a tree, and said we should also do branches, and the volcano.

Bear didn't quite hit the correct form, but we can work on that once it is routine. If I tried to get them to do every pose right, they would revolt and not do it. Because Bear did most of the poses, he's expended some energy. Of course, they didn't do the relaxing poses, but again, I think that will come.

This is a 35 minute tape so we'll be using this as our bedtime routine. It's fun, too!


MommasWorld said...

It won't be long before all three are joining in and having a great time. You are such a good Mommy. My poor children never had yoga.

Lahdeedah said...


But you must understand, this is more out of desperation than anything else....