Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Jobless Wonder Mom and more obsessive food/diet stuff

That's my superhero name.

Jobless Wonder Mom.

So you know what I've been doing unsuccessfully today.... yep... job hunting. I took about a week or two break before I lost my mind.

The search is on. I wish it were more like American Idol. Only it'd be Lahdeeda's Employer... that's right, HUNDREDS of employers can interview with me, but WHO will be the lucky one I choose to work for? Find out, on our new show, Who Will Lahdeeda Pick, airing weekly after "The Apprentice." Instead it's more like sitting on a desert island in an uncharted sea hoping someone will find the smoke signals, words spelled out of coconuts and such.

So on to other things.

I didn't wog this morning (wogging is when you start by jogging, get tired by the time you hit the curb, walk, see people, then jog again, til you can't breathe, then walk, then feel almost athletic, and start jogging again... repeat this for 40 minutes... or until you finally manage to wog back to your door...) so this afternoon I decided to make the trip to the store for milk a walk rather than drive. It's about a mile, maybe a bit more, round trip. Then, rather than down a Starbucks 400 calorie loaded frappucinno, I made myself an iced coffee frappe which is like, 50 calories and very good.

I realized today the true difference between dieting and changing your lifestyle. Dieting is temporary. You THINK and truly believe once you lose the ten pounds, you'll eat right and be good, but you never are, and it's because to really keep the weight off, you have to change what you eat daily. And you can't just do it five days a week and munch out on the weekends. It doesn't work that way. I also think low fat foods aren't really helpful, unless it's low fat dairy. Like all the low fat chocolate, ice cream and crackers? All they do is leave an unsatisfying taste in your mouth so you eat too much, or make you want the real thing so bad you end up eating it.

So, I'm still drinking tons of water, avoiding the diet coke, which ALWAYS makes me want to eat potato chips, and not ordering pizza as much as I used to. Go me. My biggest challenge now is incorporating strength training. It's not even that much of a challenge. Honestly, I just need to pick a program. I've got all the stuff. But so many choices!

Food Notes:

Last night, instead of mashed potatoes, which are yummy but make me feel like a big log, I steamed, mashed and pureed cauliflower with some butter. It looked like mashed potatoes and tasted great without making me feel like a log.

My lunch today was actually a breakfast...
Whole grain bagel
Tomatoes, cooked in a skillet
Egg (Protein! if you can't handle the cholesterol do egg whites)

I cooked the egg
toasted the bagel
sauteed the spinach and tomato

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