Friday, July 06, 2007

Lakes... in the middle of nowhere

Well, ten minutes down the road, to be exact, and protected from urban sprawl by fields. So really, it's like, a huge lake surrounded by fields, that makes you think you are in the plains states, and someone managed to toss a lake in some previously useful farm land.

It was the view. See, on one side of me, mountains. On the other, flat lands. I can see for miles... and miles... The lake part is all plains. The mountains were behind me and 30 minutes the other way. It's nice that we are only 15 minutes from the mountains, but sometimes, when I don't see them, I get confused and think I'm in Nebraska.

Minus the corn.

So, guess what I did today?

Yep. Took the kiddies to one of the few natural glacier deposit lakes that is now a reservoir, and let them play right by the water, because they love the lake, but aren't inclined to actually go IN it. Drama and I went in it.

Highlights of the Day:

* Spending an hour finding one swim shoe
* Hottie McLifeguard
* Daughter seeing member of opposite sex she found appealing and blurting out 'Cutie Alert'
*Making water tunnels for trains
*Realizing not a lot of people bother going to this big empty lake, and prefer crowded city swimming pools
* Realizing it's cheaper for me to take my truckload o' kids and pay for parking rather than pay for all the kids and me in a crowded city swimming pool.
* Going grocery shopping with toddlers that had fallen asleep two minutes prior to entering the parking lot
* Hubby McRed suggesting I may be turning into a vegetable because I bought him organic beer... he meant vegetable as in vegetarian. It seems that for a primordial carnivore, a diet consisting of lots of vegetables is slightly alarming, and can throw word usage off. Why he equated organic beer with vegetables, I'm not certain. Perhaps he thinks they snuck some carrots in it?
* Buying organic beer because, why, heck-n-crap, it cost as much as regular beer and I was curious
* Coming home and not having to cook (Tonight's dinner is a yummy cheat salad of mozarella, basil and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and black pepper... not a full meal per se, but it's hot and I'm not that hungry)
* Figuring out the secret to good iced coffee made in the blender

Okay, on that last one I cheated, and googled it.
It's how I find my calories, too, I google for calorie calculators.

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MommasWorld said...

Sounds like my kind of day! Minus the sleepy toddlers. I do remember those days though.