Tuesday, March 04, 2008

AW, shucks

You guys are so nice! bout my writing!

I now make it a rule that monday through friday I can not go to bed til I've written three pages, excluding my babbling journal writing (which will never ever see the light of the day).

But on to my DOOM TOPIC


This is the final semester FOREVER (I am pretty certain I'm going to bail on the MBA, but my husband, a few friends, and my sister think I'll regret it) ANYHOW.... I'm in my LAST SEMESTER OF MY MASTER'S PROGRAM.... my LAST TWO CLASSES...

and they are the freakin' hardest two classes ever.... like, both instructors are insane. They are like, Oh, so you are about to graduate, you think huh? None of my other classes have been this insanely difficult.

I'm slightly proud to say that one of the 4.0 GPA students in my group is going to 'discuss' our crappy group grade with our professor since it was b.s. But even aside from that, the classes are JUST HARD> ARGH.

And... I am so not in the mood... just end it... ahhhh I...just....want...to.....pass....

it's not like this degree is giving me ANY help in getting a job, anyhow! SHEESH!

And that, folks, is my school rant.

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Pageant Mom said...

You just reminded me why I never went back! I have an AA and a BA. Plenty for me.