Thursday, March 20, 2008

To the Anonymous HR Folks

Dear Anonymous Corporate HR Drones,

Are you REALLY right now, at this moment, reviewing my experience and qualifications to find if they match the position you are seeking to fill? Am I to believe that the MOMENT that message arrived in my in-box, that you had, with great excitement, pulled my submission out of your in-box, to immediately review my qualifications and experience?

And what are the odds, the chances, really, that even if I DO pleasantly surprise you with my experience and qualifications, that you will contact me in a reasonably reasonable time? Truly?

I'm just wondering, is all....


David said...

I have dark suspicions about what those people really do all day.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

HR drones...that's them all right.

Pageant Mom said...

I put my resume in to my company in OCTOBER.
I heard nothing until the following MARCH.

I interviewed for one job, and they sent me a letter saying I was overqualified.

I called back and did some seriously gratuitous begging.

The HR guy said "now that I think of it, would you be interested in ...." and they interviewed me (and yet again I did some more gratuitous begging) for that job in early APRIL.

I heard NOTHING until JUNE when they offered me a (that) job.

I will have been there 19 years in June.

Hang in there and Good Luck!!!