Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An insight into game drama

For those who think games is free of the gossip, drama, and the sort of petty goings ons that afflict other creative industries,

I give you snorehammer.

Skip down to all the comments, and you'll see the sort of love that goes on in the community. It is very hard to out-rantxor a master rantxor, and those in the gaming community are rant masters. I myself only dream of the rant ability of community game posters.

For those who for some reason would think that those in games, the gaming industry, and the gaming community, are above it, well, I mean, we're talking games here, what did you expect?

But before you click, let me clarify some things...

a) Everyone hates WoW because it's currently the biggest, baddest most successful game out there, and nobody is near toppling it currenlty.

b) Everyone hates WoW, but because it is currently the biggest, baddest most successful game out there, everyone is playing it.

c) The people that aren't playing it, are rare.

d) this is not a cheap ploy to get more viewers by linking to a well-viewed site. I can't maintain a blog with more than five readers as it is.

e) I don't play mmo's anymore. I would LIKE to. I enjoy them. I think they are fun. I just don't have the time.

f) I do not have the knowledge to either agree or disagree with whether or not the game is good, because I don't have the time to play the games, and it's not out yet.

g) Yes, I know people who work on it. They all say it's good. Except the angry bitter ones. Who say it's bad. We'll never really know until it comes out. Or I play it. Re, time.

h) I don't actually expect anyone to go through and READ the comments, I just did to admire the rant masters at work.

i) I'm on the 9th letter of the alphabet, and I just realized this post is super dull.


RainyPM said...

Wow, that snorehammer link is such a whine fest. The part that made me laugh most was when he called WoW "polished." It might be fun and huge and uber, but I wouldn't say it's polished.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'd like to play WoW, nut the fee is astronomical.

Lahdeedah said...

there is no polished MMO

WoW is polished because it's the 'best' one, but no game has ever come close to being 'polished'

David said...

I'm sure you have more than five readers. I already see comments from four, counting you.

Edward said...

Make that five readers right now. Oh, I don't play WoW and have never even tried I guess I qualify as being "rare". :D