Friday, March 28, 2008

So Very Naughty

I went to the bookstore.

It was naughty of me.

I am not allowed in bookstores. I can't ever be good in them.
I go to the library, and stuff tote bags full of books that pique my interest, and return them three weeks late, but only pay $5.

Libraries are made for people like me, and elderly folk.

I have trouble in the bookstore.

But I think today I did pretty good. I picked up six books, but only left with three, one a biography on Ann Boleyn just cuz I get into phases, a book of essays by Ray Bradbury on writing, and a book by Janet Evanovich because she writes in a style I like, and I want to try to mimic, even though I can't spell her name, and I don't want to write mystery.

Total? $60

I was so very naughty.

THEN I went to the Office Depot.

This is just as hazardous for writers-to-be. LOTS of organizers, papers, boxes, writing THINGS....

I behaved. I only picked up ten pieces of poster paper to do a timeline on, and some sticky notes.

So very good, after being so very naughty.



RainyPM said...

How funny. I'm about to finish a book by Janet Evanovich and I don't see what the big deal is about her. I think you already write better than she does.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You are naughty!

Pageant Mom said...

Can you recommend a book for me??

I can't go into Barnes & Noble, it bugs the crap out me... I have ADD so the library is just too intimidating...

I like used book sales, 'cause there's less to overwhelm me.

I don't care for romance, I like scifi, rock n roll, and scary stuff. The last two books i read that I liked were "House" by the same guy who wrote "this present darkness" but I can't remember the name right now... and Slash's autobiography-ish book.