Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Break

In the past, spring break, you think

bummy kids

Okay, you still sorta think of it, because lets face it, it still means that, however,

In the new world of adult education, and the influx of adults who hold jobs while going to school, or while tending demon ferret monkey offspring, (post coming) spring break now means...

laundry getting done
no homework and class time at 9 p.m. when the kids are finally in bed
an actual dinner on the table
an hour in front of the idiot tube
two hours with a book you're reading FOR FUN
sheer giddiness and delight from the prospect of not having to deal with school

But, alas, no beaches.

Not for me.

And, I'm a bit sad about that.


Pageant Mom said...

Don't be sad, remember:

There are things in the water that consider you to be a perfectly adequate food source.

...Does that help??

(I've been attacked in two separate instance in the ocean by some sort of varmint so I refuse to go to the beach anymore)

Edward said...

You got a sand box for the twins don't you? You got music with the sounds of waves splashing against a cliff, right? Well...put the two together and *presto* you got yourself a beach.