Sunday, October 23, 2016

Happy Birthday to all of us

I love this picture.

I don't know why it's all fuzzy and blurry, I blame the lighting.

It's Turbo and his Aunt Nikki.
It's cold, and I love this blanket. And my aunti..zzzzzz

It was the 'everyone's fall birthday bash' which is a brilliant idea. The entire lot of us have birthdays between September and December, from Nikki's husband Code and Nikki, Husbear and myself, Drama Girl, and Turbo and Bear. We are all fall births. September through December. So we all get together sometime in October or so, it's only the second year so it's not fully established, and watch the younger kids open up presents. Okay, and us, too... Nikki gets the best cards. I'm hanging hers up on my 'best cards' wall. Also, I don't get cards, so I'm going to put in a reminder to send them all e-cards.... 
Cards aren't my language of love, right? ummm...
This photo though, is great, because there's really a deep affection between the boys and their aunt and uncle. They love Code, too, but somehow I don't have a picture of him. What the heck n crap. Anyhow, here is this dark, blurry, super-adorable pic of Turbo and his aunt.

Happy birthday - find me that mug... you know the one....

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