Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday, Oct. 12 - blurry boy caught not being blurry!

I didn't take a picture yesterday afternoon. I looked at all the leaves on the trees changing colors, and thought how beautiful they were, but didn't snap a picture. Doh!

This morning, though, I did.

Remember the blur, from the last post?

No! Don't look away!
He's a blur today to.
'Are you trying to take my picture?'
'What, who, me? No.'
He sees the phone.

'oh COME ON kid. It's my project. I just want to take a picture a day this month.'

'um you want to take a picture every day of me?' he says in a voice that indicates his concern for my level of affection, and reinforces his belief that maybe I really am turning into 'that creepy mom' he keeps telling me about, in hopes by discussing his fears, it won't come true.

'NO. I want a different picture every day of different things. Lots of things. Trees and stuff. But just one of you, occasionally. Okay? Just one?"


Maybe he's just blurry in life, too.
"Um, dude, what are you doing?'

"You're making me laugh."

"Can't I have a smile?"


"Okay. There. Why can't you smile?"

"Every time you make your eyes do that thing it makes me laugh and when I laugh I turn away."

"I was trying to get you to smile. Why can't you smile?"

"It makes me turn away."

"Yes, you're very skilled at being blurry in photos."

Fine, alright, go to school blurry man.

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