Monday, October 17, 2016

The oct. 17th images

I am quickly taking a picture just to take a picture because I said I would. It turns out, though, I'm not outside as much as I think I am in October. Even though it's often nice out. Except today. Today was crazy windy and I had to send my boys chasing after the outdoor toy box that got blown away. They don't even use the toy box anymore. Now it just collects spiders.

This pic isn't a a great one, but it's a great indication of what my nights between now, the season of early sunsets and chillier nights, and spring, the season of endless days and warmth, will consist of.

The outfit I will be doing most of my
writing and revising in this fall and winter.
Is it winter? It feels like it should be winter.

The cat that will watch me write, because his perch is 
right next to my computer, at desk level, and he has 
learned that sometimes, oftentimes, too many times,
writing somehow involves ice cream.

Also, to make up for the craptastic pictures I just posted (is it the lighting? was there a filter? why is it blurry? do I just have blurry vision now?) here are some random lines from the book I'm revising:

“Warning. Warning. Ship functions not fully online” 
The ship kept repeating this over and over as we flew through the hangar door - still in the process of opening - and straight into space. We rolled and tumbled with the high speed acceleration and would have been tossed about the cabin if we weren’t strapped in. The ship’s gravity wasn't working yet and the ship was spinning out of control.  True to Jam’s word, he barfed. I did, as well. My throat burned with the acid left behind. Hennie just closed her eyes and hummed. Figures she wouldn’t barf. Finally, we stopped tumbling and spinning. We were in space and off the OEF ship. Now, we had to flee.

It's not the best passage in the book, but it's one of the passages I need to revise.

Good night all!

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