Sunday, October 02, 2016

I inflicted family fun day - the great corn maze and pumpkin patch trip

Years ago, in a corn maze not far from here....

The first year we did the corn maze.
And nothing else because tired and cranky
kids don't want to stay around corn all day

And today, in a corn maze not far from here....

This is today. When they are not interested in posing for mom. Because whatever.
Not one good pic of my daughter. Because she only does selfies. It only took us 30
minutes to become the bickering family in the corn maze - it's because we know how to family.
Bear said I could take his picture, because with his shades and hat, no one would recognize him....
He still resisted a bit, but,  I know the secret ways of the camera. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Mr. UK Dude-To-Cool to Smile.

He smiled until I pulled out the camera. Because cool does not smile,
unless it's an ironic smile. Or maybe a sneer. And disdain. He's so 12. He
was the crazy grinning one in the top photo, too. 
And you, Mr. Actually enjoys the camera.
I adore this picture because of the cool hat. I don't know why he wasn't smiling.
I think his brother infected him. But we were on our way to the pumpkin patch.
It was between this picture and one that showed off his amazing freckles and half-grin.
I have to put this picture in, because omigosh.
My shades are cool. My hat is cool. And I'm looking at you
while pleasantly bemused. I'm too good looking for this family.
Why am I even here with these people? Where are my people?
We rode weird bicycle pine derby car things, too.

I smoked them after, because I'm better at pedaling. But it took a while to
sneak around and pass the little road hogs.

Go go go derby rider! 

We also collected a bunch of pumpkins that shall be carved and set outside for squirrels to feast on all month. 

I did all of this after spending the first hours of this morning (4:30 a.m. hours, because my nose) trying to cure a sudden bout of a head-coldy cold. It appears a hot shower, two saline rinses, 3/4 of a pot of coffee, a maple covered donut (feed a cold, people, feed a cold) and some weird sinus spray that may or may not have expired, will get you through for a day. It also appears that you can take all the elderberry syrup you want, you'll still get a cold.  Stupid elderberry. And of course I didn't have to put any of this in here, I could have just left it out, but honestly, I feel like whining a little. Here, have a pumpkin patch shot!

The pumpkin patch, corn, and the front range in the distance touching the clouds.
 Look at our skies. We have forever skies in Colorado!

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