Saturday, October 01, 2016

Picture a day: October is so my favorite month!

Can you see the yellow in the trees, and the hint of oranges? Can you see the
leaves on the ground? It's not a New England fall, but Colorado has its own fall beauty.

September is ending, and now we're into my favorite month of all time. I love October. I love the changing colors of the leaves on the trees and the crunch of leaves on the ground. I love cool mornings and sunny afternoons with a crisp bite of cold, not enough to shiver, but enough to know winter is... well you know.

I love pumpkins and sweaters and flannels and the color orange. I love walking and hiking in this weather. I love getting excited about soups and stews and winter nesting.  Which is why this month, I'm going to try to do a picture a day. I want to capture the things I love about October.  Not to diss September, September was really enjoyable this year, and I like the month, but October is kinda mine. Oh, and it's my birthday month. But I stopped counting years because once you stopped getting carded for things, who cares? Somehow, though, October became my favorite month. Fall my favorite season. Followed by spring. Maybe I just like the times in-between.

Today's picture is in the park in my 'hood. Can you see the hint of yellow changing in the trees? Can you see the leaves on the ground? They are sprinkled on the roads and sidewalks and it makes me happy. 

Today's picture was going to be a coffee mug, but I think I overdid that in August. Happy October!

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