Friday, October 14, 2016

My Friday Night Boys

Well, boy.

But the other boy is doing the exact same thing.

Turbo with headset, whatever game, Overwatch maybe,
and using my coffeemug which I totally said he couldn't use.
Also, that's my waterbottle. WTH kid.

They have a four day weekend - no school today and no school Monday.
There is so much joy in their hearts right now.
I'm not even quite sure why they have the days off, but they don't need babysitters anymore, so I don't really pay attention. It's made my life simpler.

These boys of mine make me smile. Except when they don't do laundry. Or clean their room. Or say annoying things when you're out getting them their favorite pizza and throwing in horrible-for-you pretzel bites filled with cheese and bacon they're like 'Mom can we hurry I'm sick of being here.' 

Mostly, they make me smile.

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