Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Day

I started my Master's program. I don't know what I'm going to do with it when I'm done. It's not the field of my dreams. It's just the field that offers the program that I can actually do, that's related to my original, and as it turns out, one of the few, fields I'm suited for. Anyhow, if I waited a couple of years, I could get the masters in education, but in a couple of years, I won't get G.I. bill money, it'll run out.... so I'd rather have the GI bil and a masters in management, and then go figure what to do with the rest of my life if my first 'rest of life' plans don't work out. My first 'rest of life' plans are my favorites, but we should all have back ups to our dreams.

Tonight, for my sanity, I'm in my room, and I will not leave until my daughter is in bed. I love her, I really do, but some nights, it's best if we are separated. She's only 9. When she's 13 I'm moving her to the basement room, and when she's 16, I'll probably rarely see her. When she's 21, she is so moving out. I can hear her banging things in the kitchen. She can not do anything quietly. She doesn't know how. Ah well. Tomorrow I am going to be working in my room all morning and my husband gets to deal with all the children... go him. I'm patiently waiting til 9 p.m. when I put her to bed and munch on cheese and bread with dipping oil... mmmmm.

So my wonderful Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday I get panic emails. Turns out my group, a total of five of us, in our class all misread the syllabus. I use misread inaccurately. We read the syllabus correctly. The instructor organized it poorly. The result being that on Thursday, we all found out our project, which wasn't supposed to be due til next wednesday by our reckonings, was a day late. We sent a brief 'we're sorry but wow we all were sure it said next wednesday' email to our instructor and then proceeded to do whatever it took to get it done and posted early this morning. Of course, two of the five, me included, didn't have the case study. One because she was out of town, the other, being me, because I assumed it was all downloadable. It was all downloadable, except for ours. No problem, we have FAXES! So Thursday night we had a great windstorm, the kind that you toss and turn through because it's noisy, but not quite noisy enough to wake you, only noisy enough to permeate your dreams and make you uneasy. The power went out a few tims throughout the night. Then, at 4:30 a.m. my husband and I were woken fully by the crackling sounds of a fax coming through. Thirty nine loud pages later, I was almost about to declare myself awake and make coffee. Then the wind blew out the power, thankfully after the last page came through, and I regained my sanity, and went back to bed. I woke up an hour and a half later. I stumbled through the morning, even managing to go to the gym for a pathetic 30 minute cardio workout, and then breezed through the case study, lobbed together some coherent thoughts, sent it off, and took a nap. I was done. That night I got on and chatted with the one classmate that is constantly wired, she compiled everything, we reviewed it, and oula, Saturday morning, it was posted, and the instructor declared that the discussion wouldn't need to be extended. I'm hoping he doesn't take points off since we, once we discovered it was actually due on Wednesday, got it together so fast. And it was his bizarre syllabus outline that messed us up. Whatever. HA HA

So that was my day of hell, oh and I had to drive huband to and from work, pick up our car where I accidentally got trapped in a long conversation with the mechanic dude with an accent I kept trying to place, but couldn't, so lets just call it slightly Australian, but probably lightly Canadian, and some nice eyes... but I'm a chick and I really didn't think he'd actually EXPLAIN everything to me until he was sure I understood it... *I can now explain what clogged injectors look like and the effect they have on your engine. I can explain the purpose of callipers, and I can tell you absolutely what part the sensors played in stalling my engine... learn something new every day.... AND to top off the day,


How could they?

I mean, seriously, how could they? He was the future. He was the golden child. He was the idealist that would carry them them through. He was the only non-contaminated soul.

But no, they kill him.

GRRRR cuz he tried to protect a woman who's probably a cylon who was hoping to get it on with the Admiral's son... so that's what you get...

And that, my friends, is A Day.

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