Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Slight Huff

Well, I didn't lose a size in clothing however, oddly, I lost a shoe size... ookay... that is weird...

Now, I discovered this buying a pair of shoes last night. I bought two pairs of cool shoes for summer, because if I wait til Summer, there will only be winter shoes on sale. I'm going to relay the conversation I had with the cashier relating to the coupon I used when buying these two pairs of shoes... buy one, get one-half price off the other... with of course, comments.

Go to cashier feeling moderately pleased with self for actually using two coupons...
Coupon one: Buy two Russell Athletic T-Shirts, get one free
Coupon two: Buy one pair of shoes, get one pair half price

"Hi" *paraphrasing*
"Find everything okay"
*medium sized pause while everything is rung up... watching screen...
"Um, did the shoe coupon go through?"
"Yes it should be on the screen"
"I see one coupon I don't see the other one"
*Not getting what I'm saying she finishes the order, assures me it went through and I pay so I can get my hands on the receipt
"Okay, I don't see the other coupon on here"
"See, it's right there..." She points to the -12 dollars for the first coupon.
"I see that coupon, I mean the shoe coupon isn't on here... buy one get 1/2 price off"
*This is where it gets good.
She goes through her coupon envelope, and picks out another buy two shirts get one off coupon. "You gave me two coupons for these, you can only use one."
"I gave you one for the shirts. That's not the second coupon though, I gave you a coupon for shoes, buy one get one 1/2 price."
"No you didn't give me that coupon you only gave me one, see, I don't have it. There's no other coupon."
*Now, up until now, I think I have been very patient, but now she's telling me that I am lying. Instead of helping resolve the issue, she tells me I didn't give her a second coupon for shoes. So I look over her shoulder and point to the shoe coupon.
"That coupon, I gave you that coupon too, buy one get 1/2 price off, I didn't get half price off my shoes."
*I am about to take my shoes back, I'm getting aggravated.
*She calls for the manager who is on the floor. I explain the SAME thing to him.
"It's right here, -12 dollars for the shirts." *silent scream to whoever's listening up there
"Right, that coupon, but not theother coupon for the shoes"
"You can only use one coupon" *now I pretend to be baffled, i can only use one store coupon per purchase, even if they are for different items?
"Oh, I"m sorry, where does it say that, I must have missed it, I thought I could use two different coupons if it was different products..." *Because it DOESN'T say that, it says you can only use one coupon per purchase for that product....
"Here, you have to buy two shirts and you get a third free... you can't use two coupons with these shirts." *Apparently, the way I say shoes sounds just like shirts.
"Okay, right, but what about my coupon for the shoes? Buy one get one half price?"
A small light dawns.
"Right, this coupon here, buy one shoes get 1/2 price off second pair of shoes?"
"Go over there, he'll take care of you."
FINALLY I get the smart guy.
"Hmm" he says "We've never had a problem with shoes before." SHOES he says, SHOES... he so gets me.
Now, I'm going to tell you something, I knew what happened. She didn't ring the damn coupon in. But I couldn't SAY you didn't ring it in, because they were too busy telling me she rang the shirt coupon in. They didn't want to acknowledge the shoe coupon.
He says...
"She didn't ring it in, that was the problem."
"Oh, really? Was that all?"


But I didn't yell, fuss, scream, holler, insult, call names or ANYTHING. SO go me.

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