Monday, February 27, 2006


For some reason I have it in my head that spring starts in March. I expect the weather to instantly become warm, the sun to shine, and my tulips that are almost halfway out of the ground to bloom miraculously. Really, I think I've got daffodils. Not even ones I planted. At least, I don't remember ordering daffodils. But never mind that, that's not the plot of my blog. It's a three parter, each part exceptionally short.

Part 1: I don't know what those yellow flowers that bloomed under my tree where I planted bluebells are, except that they are not bluebells. I am not even sure I planted them. My crocus' came up early, and therefore, did not blossom. I"m hoping next year I'll actually get flowers out of them. Right now, I've got green leaves. So here's hoping the tulips sprout up. They might, my neighbors tulips are about the same height, and like, she seems to know what she's doing in the gardening area.

Part II. I'm annoyed with this guy: I mean yeah okay fine, he's a stay at home dad, but you know what, whenever he says this shit, people think it's cute. When talks about 'balancing work with being a stay at home dad' people think it's a 'real struggle that he pulls off well' and give him kudos, what a guy, horrah. When I say shit like that, people think I'm just not nurturing, because all nurturing good moms think NOTHING about the total grossness of wiping kids' asses... and man, they assume that as a stay at home mom, any work I may be trying to balance is involved with stuff you sell at parties. Okay, so my main work right now is totally not paid, and I'm thinking of turning it into a romance piece which is just another stereotype, but that's what happens when you leave a story to long. This week's goal is to finish chapter ten no matter what. But I wanted to share my annoyance. What he writes about, in the average day of a stay at home mom, is soooo not worth writing about.

Part III. So, when one is pudgy, say, one doesn't really notice in any great detail those 'pockets' of say, stuff, that lingers around the outer thigh area. One may assume that it's just one big pocket of stuff because it seems to look like one big pocket, and it certainly is everywhere there is thigh... but then, so one starts working out, and all of a sudden, one sees that really, there are more than one pocket of this stuff hanging there. And some of the pockets are gone, making it easier to define the remaining um, stuff, as pockets, versus one giant pocket. Pockets is more inspiring. One could say, 'ooh one pocket down, two to go' or something. Either that or the one big pocket shrunk to a small pocket. I suppose all that really matters, is I look almost good in jeans again. This MAY be enough to motivate me to get up early tomorrow and do some actual outside cardio, since I don't think I'm making it to the gym. But probably not. I've discovered its' best if I limit my gym/workouts to no less than 3 but no more than 4 workouts. Less than 3, no results. More than 4, I get tired of it. But at least I'm seeing enough to be motivated.

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