Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I wish I just took another history degree.
I could enjoy taking history classes.

But no, I set my sights on a master's. My ambition isn't practical to my dreams. What else is new? I think sometimes my problem is I want two lives, when what I really should do is just focus on the one I really want, the one that matters. But maybe the master's will help, maybe the forced firing of brain cells that have been sleeping, will wake up some latent creativity.

Or maybe I'll end up writing more while I procrastinate my assignments for this class.

I have an essay to write tomorrow. I actually need to use and quote references properly.

I am so not looking forward to it. At the same time, I want a good grade. Some childhood things just stay with us.

Oh, not that I always got good grades, but I always did want them...

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