Sunday, February 12, 2006

Little Things Some People Should Think About

When you go crying to your spouse that you have sooo much stuff to do, two mid-terms and your regular homework, and she says, 'Okay dear, well, I think if I wake up early and go straight to the computer, I can get all my stuff done by 3 or 4, and cram, just so you can have some more time to do your stuff tonight, while I watch the kids' then your response should be, 'Great, thank you honey,' which is what the response was, that's great.

But, the worst thing to do, and the one thing that will guarantee that I have too much homework to ever do this for you again, is, while I am cramming away, sans break, eating lunch at the computer and waking up a half an hour early, not even taking a coffee break, is, WHILE i'm doing this, WHILE I'm doing my case study, my essay and my module, not having a coffee or tea break, the thing to NOT do is be taking a nap, snoring, SNORING right behind me...

For those who are dense, it's because if you have time to take a nap, I do not need to be working double-time to give you more time, sacrificing the ONLY time I have!

Ya think one would think....

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