Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Midterm blues


All through school and college, I've done well. Mostly. Minus a few courses here and there.

I am convinced I'm going to fail this midterm. Mainly, because I don't know what the guy wants! He's only graded one essay. Didn't grade the conference. I'm sooo confused about what he's looking for ,AND this midterm is essentially seven pages where I need references. Um. References. Okay. the text book? He said mid-term, he didn't say 'term paper' or 'research paper.'


I only have three more pages to go. Like a smart person, I'm not actually turning it in until I go over it again tomorrow and put the like, two, references I have in order. Like a dumb person, I waited until tonight to start it and it's due 9 p.m. tomorrow. Of course I can't do anything until 8 so my sons will have to just watch tv and eat cookies for an hour, whatever it takes for the quiet.

Go me.


I hate school.
Yes, I'm thirty-not-telling and I still hate school. I could be doing so much more with all this time!

Like sleep.

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