Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Early blog

This is an early blog because I am shutting the computer off early tonight. I'm going to enjoy my coffee, maye a book, and um, okay I admit it, I'm torn between cleaning and lounging. Who wants to bet I lounge?

My crocus' are in bloom, bright, big purple blossoms... sooo pretty. It's affirmed my belief in my gardening abilities. I'm not a complete nature hacker after all. We've got daffodils too. I think I've mentioned that. I don't think I planted them, so I can't take credit, but hey, I will anyhow.

My sons are still sleeping. It's 5:20. They will never go to bed tonight. The good news is, they will sleep long tomorrow. Tomorrow is just Lauren's ballet, so I will take the boys in the yard while I start Spring by geting rid of dead stuff.

My daughter is 20 minutes late. She has absolutely no concept of time.

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