Sunday, March 12, 2006

Midterms and marketing

I am about to take, or begin, my mid-term in marketing.

The teacher is insane but aside from that, this entire class is about 'explaining' how marketing is beyond sales, it's more than sales, it's about product innovation and development and blah blah blah but in the end, no matter what you say, it comes down to, profit which is, sales. Marketers aren't inventing products or innovating because they have a passion, or an idea they just have to try, that they will then try to sell, and yes, that is sales, but these people who sell things with passion and belief, are selling it with passion and belief because they truly DO believe in it and are passionate about it and that's why they created it. Marketers, people who make a living marketing? Whatever they do, it is not out of passion. So, sales, convince people to buy shit they don't need.

I hate marketing.
I also hate this marketing class.
And the mid-term is going to kill me. I have no idea what my grade in that class is, because none of the grades are posted.

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